Who Owns Public Art?


Location: Online event

Who Owns Public ArtWho Owns Public Art

How do we decide what is public art, and what role does the law play, if any, in this decision making process? What is the relationship between art and the law? Does the law affect art's materiality and our public perceptions of art? Does art change the law and the legal mechanisms by which we define what is of cultural interest to us and to our community? Join us as we discuss these questions, and more, with Professor Joan Kee of The University of Michigan and Professor Erika Doss of The University of Notre Dame. As scholars of art history and material culture, Professor Kee and Professor Doss have each considered the nexus of law and art. In her most recent publication, Models of Integrity: Art and Law in Post-sixties America, Professor Kee explores how friction sometimes results between legal theory, artistic intention, embodied experience and legal practice. In Memorial Mania and other works, Professor Doss considers how the removal and destruction of certain memorials, monuments, and other works of public art in America today are indicative of efforts among Americans to reckon with the problems they embody, including racism, sexism, imperialism, and militarism. In this wide-ranging discussion we'll explore the myriad of complex and fascinating interdisciplinary issues raised when the law and art meet. Dr. Felicia Caponigri of Notre Dame Law School will moderate the discussion. 

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Originally published at iptech.nd.edu.