Global Lawyering Spotlight Lecture Series: Finding Fault: Doctrine and Difficult Questions in Law


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This panel brings together three different perspectives on what fault does and what it is. The material discussed spans civil law, in tort, and criminal law, and starts from English law to expand out to the USA, Spain, France and Germany. It engages with the development of fault concepts like intention, recklessness, negligence and strict liability in the last two centuries as a means of understanding something about why and how law changes. The fundamental questions are what fault concepts are and whether and why they might differ across civil and criminal law, and why they might change over time. The panel engages with wider issues across the law, about what conceptual categories and building blocks we use, and where and why we distinguish them from one another. 

Matthew Dyson

Matthew is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford, having previously studied and taught at Cambridge. He specialises in comparative legal history, particularly of criminal law and tort law and how they interact. He has held visiting positions in the USA, Germany, France and Australia, amongst others.

Marta Pantaleón Díaz

"Marta Pantaleón Díaz graduated in Law and Political Science at the Autonomous University of Madrid, then took the /Magister Juris/ postgraduate degree at Oxford (with distinction) and the Autonomous University of Madrid's Master's Degree in Criminal Law; she is currently finishing her PhD at the Autonomous University of Madrid. My doctoral research is devoted to comparing the structures of tort and criminal law, a topic she has already published in Spanish and English."

John Murphy

"John Murphy is a Professor of Law at Lancaster University in the UK. He has lectured widely on torts in various academic posts in England, as well as at conferences and under the banner of visiting professor in Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. He has authored, edited and otherwise contributed to a fair number of books within the field; and he has also published a sizeable number of articles in wide variety of academic journals in most of the countries just named."

Moderator: Professor Christian Burset, Notre Dame Law School 

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