(POSTPONED) Ensuring a Bright Tech Future


Location: 1130 Eck Hall of Law (View on map.nd.edu)

With great power comes great responsibility. Has Big Tech stepped up to the challenge?

Technology is developing at a much faster rate than our ability to create necessary safeguards, best practices, and proactive policies. In order to ensure a bright tech future, now is the time to engage a broad range of stakeholders in considering how we design and deploy technologies. This presentation will offer attendees a better sense of the overall landscape and the hurdles we face, along with actionable ways of moving towards a better tech future.

How can we ensure that Big Tech, which has often been accused of being ethically-challenged and focused on profits over people, is capable of handling this immense power with integrity? Will the process of how these emerging technologies are developed and deployed be transparent to the public? What is the role of policymakers and the general public?

Led by pioneering tech ethicist David Ryan Polgar (founder of All Tech Is Human), this timely discussion will look at how we arrived at the juncture, the current status of Big Tech’s ethical responsibilities, and where we are likely headed in the future.

Sponsor: Program on Intellectual Property & Technology Law