LAMB Book Roundtable: Jessica Silbey, The Eureka Myth: Creators, Innovators, and Everyday Intellectual Property

Location: Eck Hall of Law

LAMB will host a book roundtable discussion of Jessica Silbey’s book, The Eureka Myth: Creators, Innovators, and Everyday Intellectual Property. Silbey is a professor of law at Suffolk University Law School.

About the Book

Are innovation and creativity helped or hindered by our intellectual property laws? In the two hundred plus years since the Constitution enshrined protections for those who create and innovate, we’re still debating the merits of IP laws and whether or not they actually work as intended. Artists, scientists, businesses, and the lawyers who serve them, as well as the Americans who benefit from their creations all still wonder: what facilitates innovation and creativity in our digital age? And what role, if any, do our intellectual property laws play in the growth of innovation and creativity in the United States?

Incentivizing the “progress of science and the useful arts” has been the goal of intellectual property law since our constitutional beginnings.The Eureka Myth cuts through the current debates and goes straight to the source: the artists and innovators themselves. Silbey makes sense of the intersections between intellectual property law and creative and innovative activity by centering on the stories told by artists, scientists, their employers, lawyers and managers, describing how and why they create and innovate and whether or how IP law plays a role in their activities. Their employers, business partners, managers, and lawyers also describe their role in facilitating the creative and innovative work. Silbey’s connections and distinctions made between the stories and statutes serve to inform present and future innovative and creative communities.

Breaking new ground in its examination of the U.S. economy and cultural identity, The Eureka Myth draws out new and surprising conclusions about the sometimes misinterpreted relationships between creativity and intellectual property protections.

Participants will include:

Jessica Silbey, The Eureka Myth Author, Suffolk University Law School
Rebecca Tushnet, Georgetown Law
Barton Beebe, New York University School of Law
Kara Swanson, Northeastern University School of Law
Julie Cohen, Georgetown Law
Peter DiCola, Northwestern University Law School
Abraham Drassinower, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
Peter DeCherney, University of Pennsylvania
Laura Murray, Queen’s University
David Schwartz, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
John Golden, University of Texas School of Law
​Zahr Said, University of Washington School of Law
Lydia Loren, Lewis and Clark Law School
Torie Bosch, Slate Magazine