Bellow Scholars Fall Workshop

Location: Notre Dame Law School


The AALS Section on Clinical Legal Education’s Committee on Lawyering in the Public Interest (a/k/a the BellowCommittee) will hold its 2014 Workshop at the Notre Dame Law School on Oct. 17-18. This workshop precedes the Committee’s solicitation for proposals for selection of the 2015-16 Bellow Scholars.

The Workshop will highlight the work of past, current and future Bellow Scholars, with an emphasis on developing the work of future Bellow Scholars. Scholars from a variety of social sciences will be on hand to help discuss and develop project proposals.

The Workshop will include a session on Research Methods and Application and include discussion of basic research tools, methods of partnering with social scientists/economists, and a how to link empirical projects to clinic work. For those who arrive on Friday afternoon, a panel of former Bellow Scholars will present program explaining the nuts and bolts of doing research.

Topics to be covered include: what is an IRB; how to integrate your research into your clinic; how to translate research into real social change; and special ethical issues to consider.

On Saturday, social scientists in a variety of fields will discuss their work and how their particular disciplinary perspective impacts that work. Notre Dame’s Center for Community Based Research will present a discussion on how to best accomplish community based research, with an emphasis on how to turn research into action. Participants will then break into small groups that will include current and past Bellows, social scientists/legal empiricists and/or public policy experts to help prospective Bellow Scholars design, develop and draft and proposals for their projects.

The Committee strongly encourages the participation of clinicians considering empirical or collaborative projects related to their clinic work that are designed to improve the quality of justice in communities, to enhance the delivery of legal services, and to promote economic and social justice. Participants are encouraged to come with an idea for research, a recurring issue in your clinic you would like to solve, or a social ill you would like to address.

The deadline for registration is Wednesday October 8, 2014; BUT THE BLOCK OF ROOMS WILL BE HELD UNTIL SEPT. 16. There is no registration fee for this Workshop. To register email Judy Fox at

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