Dimensions of Politics and English Jurisprudence Book Roundtable

Location: Room 2108

dimensions_sean_cover Notre Dame Law School is hosting a day-long roundtable discussion on the book Dimensions of Politics and English Jurisprudence, by Dr. Sean Coyle, Professor of English Laws at the University of Birmingham (U.K.). The book, recently published by Cambridge University Press, challenges orthodoxies in contemporary jurisprudence by seeking to situate debates about the nature and purpose of law in the broader contexts of political theory, moral philosophy, and theology. This wider perspective, Dr. Coyle argues, illuminates fundamental questions of jurisprudence while also giving us a deeper appreciation of the role law plays in our efforts to negotiate the dilemmas of the human condition.

In keeping with the aims of Dr. Coyle’s project, the participants at the roundtable will approach the book from a wide array of disciplines, including jurisprudence, law and religion, political philosophy, history, and political theology. In attendance will be professors from three departments at Notre Dame, as well as scholars from seven other law faculties in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Participants include:

Charles Barzun: U. of Virginia Law
Brian Bix: U. of Minnesota Law
Zachary Calo: Valparaiso Law
Sean Coyle: Birmingham Law School (UK)
Patrick Deneen: Notre Dame—Political Science
John Finnis: Notre Dame Law
Brad Gregory: Notre Dame—History, Institute for Advanced Study
John Inazu: Washington U.-St. Louis Law
Kristine Kalanges: Notre Dame Law
Mary Keys: Notre Dame—Political Science
Margaret Martin: Western Law (Canada)
Jeff Pojanowski: Notre Dame Law
Steven Smith: U. of San Diego Law

Prof. Jeff Pojanowski and Prof. Kristine Kalanges, Co-Hosts