Tanya Aplin

Tanya  Aplin

Global Distinguished Professor
Notre Dame London Law Programme

Home Affiliation: Professor of Intellectual Property Law, King's College, London

Email: mdyson@nd.edu

Professor Aplin’s research lies in the field of intellectual property law. She has published extensively on how digital technologies are regulated by copyright law at an international, European and UK level, e.g. see Copyright law in the digital society: the challenges of multimedia (Hart: 2005) and T Aplin (ed) Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Digital Technologies (Elgar: 2020).

Her research also focuses on the protection of trade secrets and confidential information in the UK, Commonwealth jurisdictions and the EU. She has co-authored one of the leading texts in this field (see Gurry on Confidence: The Protection of Confidential Information OUP, 2012) and has also published extensively on how fundamental rights may affect trade secrets and privacy protection.

Professor Aplin is co-author of two leading Intellectual Property Law textbooks: Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyright, Trade Marks and Allied Rights 9th ed (Sweet & Maxwell, 2019).

Her latest book is a co-authored monograph (with Prof. Bently) Global Mandatory Fair Use: The Nature and Scope of the Right to Quote Copyright Works (CUP, 2020). Her ongoing research interests include EU trade secret policy and protection; UK protection of confidential information; AI and trade secrets; the role of intention in intellectual property law; and copyright exceptions.