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Commencement Information 2015

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March 5, 2015

Dear Graduating Students:

Do you have a parent, grandparent, sibling, spouse, fiancé​, aunt, uncle, or close family member​
who is

​ ​(1) a graduate of Notre Dame Law School,
​ ​(2) a University​ of Notre Dame​ faculty member or academic officer,
​ ​(3) a member of the judiciary, or
​ ​(4) a law professor, current or retired, whether at Notre Dame or elsewhere?

If yes, would you be interested in having him/her “hood” you at the Law School hooding and diploma ceremony during Commencement Weekend? Please let me know by Friday, March
​20​, if you would like to take part in this unique experience. Also, please let me know ​(a) the name of the family member, (b) their relationship to you, and © what year he/she graduated from NDLS, what position he/she holds with the University of Notre Dame, in what court he/she is a judge, or at what law school he/she is or was a professor.

Thank you,

February 19, 2015

Dear Students,

The University Registrar has notified us that law students will have unlimited seating in the Stadium for the Sunday University Commencement Ceremony. The procession for this ceremony will wind through campus with degree candidates from each school joining into the procession. Typically, three law graduates assist with carrying the Banner for the Law School to lead the law graduates in the procession. There will be a formal opening of the Gates of the Stadium as you enter for the Ceremony.

Watch for further details from the University Registrar.

February 6, 2015

As graduation approaches, you risk being swamped with forms to complete. I’d like to help in any way that I can. The University Registrar and I will send you via e-mail all the information you need for graduation. Beyond the information to come later, and in the hope of reducing your headaches, I would like to alert you to common obstacles that interfere with applications for admission to the bar. You should:

1. Be certain that all debts are paid to the University (this includes any separate debts owed to the Law School). If your account is not clear, the University will not allow you to have a degree transcript or diploma. You may participate in the graduation ceremonies, but you will receive an empty diploma tube (so as not to embarrass you). The University does not consider an account to have been settled until the check has cleared the bank. If you have any questions about whether your account is clear, you should contact the Office of Student Accounts, 116 Main Building, 631-7113. If you have payment issues, it is far better to discuss matters with an officer in Student Accounts now rather than later.

2. Be certain that we and the University Registrar have your correct mailing address for the summer and thereafter. The University Registrar plans on issuing correct honors diplomas, if possible, right before commencement (pending grade reports). If your correct diploma is delayed, the University will send you a diploma in late summer. If we need information for the bar examiners, we will email you or write to the permanent address on the University’s computer system, unless you tell us of a different address.

3. Complete all of the bar forms as soon as possible. Read the forms carefully, with special attention to any deadlines and required signatures. Leave the forms to be completed by the Law School with me now so that those forms may be completed and signed in a timely manner once you graduate. Note that New York has a later deadline for giving you access to the form to be completed. Please remember that a number of us plan vacations to begin shortly after Commencement. If you wait until the last minute to submit the bar forms, I cannot guarantee that they will be sent to the bar examiners on time. If you do need something sent in a hurry, be sure to give me a written note telling me the deadline.

4. If you need an official transcript enclosed with your bar form, you must request it online via from the University Registrar. The University Registrar will not honor a request from anyone at the Law School without your online request. You may send transcripts directly to the bar examiners unless it states the transcripts should be included with degree certification forms. If so, it will help if you have the transcript addressed to me in Suite 1100 Eck Hall of Law to avoid confusion with transcripts sent by applicants for admission to the Law School. NOTE: As an alumnus or alumna, after your netID is no longer active, you will need to pay for transcripts. See the transcript web site for details: So plan accordingly— especially those of you taking the California Bar, for example, because ONLY YOU MAY REQUEST your transcript to be sent.

5. The University Registrar plans on extending your email account access until Feb. 2016 in order that CDO may assist you with employment.

Let me know if you have questions.
Law School Registrar

Feb. 5, 2015

Attached is the preliminary schedule of Law School commencement events. On Friday afternoon, there will be an awards ceremony and opportunity for families and friends photos with a professional photographer. Note well that the prayer service, brunch, and law diploma ceremony will be held on Saturday this year, the Commencement Mass is late afternoon on Saturday, and the main University Commencement Ceremony will be on Sunday morning. In addition, soon you will receive a Law School ticket survey form via e-mail on which you will be asked to indicate the number of tickets for guests you would like to receive for each Law School graduation event. Please share this schedule with your family and discuss the number of guests you anticipate. Further information will be forthcoming.

You will receive information at the beginning of March via e-mail from the main registrar regarding University Ceremony ticket orders, cap and gowns, announcements, and program information. Caps and gowns are available for rent or purchase through the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore.

Happy planning!