Life in South Bend is Beautiful

In the practice of law, the same ethical standards must be met whether you are a graduate of Notre Dame or any other university. So, what is it that makes our graduates unique? We believe it can be found in our ultimate goal. Beyond striving for professional achievement, a Notre Dame lawyer fundamentally acts in service to others. Our approach seeks to do more than train students in a profession; it seeks to help them discover their lives as a vocation. A different kind of lawyer is one who realizes the practice of law is not an end in itself. It’s the beginning of a new, highly specialized way of giving back.

An Education that Reaches Out to the World

For many our legal education only begins in South Bend. In practice, it extends throughout the country, and world. Notre Dame offers numerous classes, internships, and opportunities for study abroad. Our campus in London and our programs in Chile, China, Ireland, Switzerland, and Italy are examples. With a semester or year abroad, our students gain a distinct global dimension to their legal education. Today, students are realizing that an international background is a vital asset in a time when the law is becoming increasingly global in scope.

A Different Kind of Lawyer Video

Close Community

At Notre Dame, students enjoy close relationships with both fellow students and faculty members. This is due, in part, to our small class size and centrally located campus. Everything you need is within a short walk. There is also the intangible “€œNotre Dame experience.”€ Though hard to describe, students feel it when they are here. We are a proud, tight-knit family. The bond between students and fellow graduates is like no other. Though our campus is relatively small, once you identify yourself with Notre Dame, you become part of something bigger.

Open Discourse

It is the character of any Catholic institution to promote open discussion, and The Law School at Notre Dame is no exception. By having students and faculty coming together from a variety of faiths, backgrounds and experiences, we ensure you will have a unique opportunity to engage in robust debate and the sharing of ideas. Unified by a passion for pursuing life’€™s biggest questions, we are here to cultivate the life of the mind with openness and respect for every point of view.