Library Staff and Departments


Library Staff and Departments

Administrative Services Fax: 574.631-8154
Ed Edmonds Associate Dean for Library
and Information Technology
2345A Biolchini Hall 574.631.5916 email
Teresa Welty Administrative Assistant 2345 Biolchini Hall 574.631.5868 email
Access Services Fax: 574.631-6371
Carmela Kinslow Head of Access Services 2313 Biolchini Hall 574.631.5990 email
Janet Rose Access Services Library Specialist 2321 Biolchini Hall 574.631.6019 email
Research Services Fax: 574.631-6371
Dwight B. King Head of Research Services 2303 Biolchini Hall 574.631.5993 email
Trezlen Drake Research Librarian 2307 Biolchini Hall 574.631.5996 email
Beth Klein Research Services Assistant 2301 Biolchini Hall 574.631.9132 email
Chris O’Byrne Research Librarian 2309 Biolchini Hall 574.631.5664 email
Warren D. Rees Research Librarian 2311 Biolchini Hall 574.631.4436 email
Technical Services Fax: 574.631-6371
Joe Thomas Head of Technical Services 2355 Biolchini Hall 574.631.5992 email
Laurel Cochrane Bibliographic Control Librarian 2357 Biolchini Hall 574.631.0983 email
Debra Fox Acquisitions Coordinator 2351 Biolchini Hall 574.631.6920 email
Lori Dutka Accounting Coordinator 2351 Biolchini Hall 574.631.9133 email
Susan Hamilton Special Projects Assistant 2361 Biolchini Hall 574.631.5671 email
Sandra Klein Acquisition/Collection
Development Librarian
2353 Biolchini Hall 574.631.8447 email
Joe Reimers Technology Support Specialist 2361 Biolchini Hall 574.631.5994 email
Amy Shirk Senior Library Specialist
Electronic Resources
2351 Biolchini Hall 574.631.8113 email
Dave Thornton Cataloging Assistant 2347 Biolchini Hall 574.631.5991 email
Beth Uberseder Data Management Technician 2361 Biolchini Hall 574.631.5124 email
Technology Services Fax: 574.631-6371
Dan Manier Director of Law School Technology 3315 Biolchini Hall 574.631.3939 email
Clint Brown Network Manager 1188 Eck Hall of Law 574.631.1674 email
Scott Hengert Audio-Visual Technician 1188D Eck Hall of Law 574.631.5766 email
Eric McCartney Student Computing Manager 3305 Biolchini Hall 574.631.9793 email


Bluebook Refresher Session

Writing for a law journal and need to refresh your memory about the numerous Bluebook rules?

Attend the Bluebook refresher session on Wednesday, April 16 (next week) from 1:00-1:50 p.m. in room 1140 Eck Hall of Law.

We will discuss the rules for citing various sources (including short forms and spacing in abbreviations) and take a quick look at the use of introductory signals.

Sign up here:

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