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Biolchini Family Professor of Law

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Known for his work in moral, political and legal theory, as well as constitutional law, John Finnis joined the Notre Dame Law School faculty in 1995. He earned his LL.B. from Adelaide University (Australia) in 1961 and his doctorate from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar in 1965. At The University of Oxford he held the positions of lecturer, reader and a chaired professor in law for over four decades until 2010. In addition, he served as associate in law at the University of California at Berkeley (1965-66), as professor of law at the University of Malawi (Africa) (1976-78), and as the Huber Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at the Boston College Law School (1993-94). He is admitted to the English Bar (Gray’s Inn), and in 2017 was appointed Queen's Counsel [QC] (_honoris causa_).

Finnis teaches courses in Jurisprudence, in the Social, Political and Legal Theory of Thomas Aquinas and in the Social, Political and Legal Theory of Shakespeare.

His service has included the Linacre [now the Anscombe] Centre for Health Care Ethics (governor since 1981), the Catholic Bishops’ Joint Committee on Bioethical Issues (1981-88), the International Theological Commission (1986-92), the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (1990-95), and the Pontifical Academy Pro Vita (2001-2016). He has published widely in law, legal theory, moral and political philosophy, moral theology, and the history of the late Elizabethan era. He is an adjunct Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Notre Dame.

Courses Taught

LAW73807, Social, Political and Legal Thought of Shakespeare
LAW73809, Social, Political and Legal Thought of Thomas Aquinas

London program: Jurisprudence


Recent publications include:

Review Essay: [Anscombe’s Essays], National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 9 (2009) 199-207.

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Book Segments

Telling the Truth about God and Man in a Pluralist Society: Economy or Explication? in Christopher Wolfe (ed.), The Naked Public Square Reconsidered: Religion and Politics in the Twenty-First Century (Wilmington, DE: ISI Books, 2009), 103-115 & 195-200.

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Areas of Expertise

  • British Commonwealth Constitutional Law
  • Euthanasia
  • Jurisprudence
  • Shakespeare: Law & Politics

In the News

In Defense of Professor Kenneth Howell, (Quotes: John Finnis) July 16, 2010