Employment Data


Employment Data

The Career Development Office at Notre Dame Law School works diligently with both current students and alumni to help them secure meaningful and fulfilling employment. Employment data for our most recent graduating classes are provided below.

Employment Summary for 2013 Graduates (PDF)

Employment Summary for 2012 Graduates (PDF)

Employment Summary for 2011 Graduates (PDF)

Employment Summary for 2010 Graduates (PDF)

A National Law School

The Class of 2013 reported employment in 31 states and the District of Columbia

State Count
Illinois 29
California 12
Indiana 12
District of Columbia 10
New York 9
Florida 8
Michigan 8
Texas 8
Ohio 6
Colorado 5
Massachusetts 5
Oklahoma 4
Pennsylvania 4
Virginia 4
Arizona 3
Connecticut 3
Missouri 3
New Jersey 3
New Mexico 3
North Carolina 3
Delaware 2
Nevada 2
Tennessee 2
Washington 2
Georgia 1
Hawaii 1
Kansas 1
Kentucky 1
Louisiana 1
Maryland 1
Minnesota 1
West Virginia 1

Salary Information

We participate in an annual employment survey with NALP (the National Association for Law Placement) and any self-reported salary information is included in that survey. NALP reports aggregate data annually, broken down in various ways, and it is a good resource for prospective and current students. Click here to view the NALP data.

Salary information for law graduates is not collected for reporting to any regulatory authority and is not able to be verified. We do not publish our own salary statistics due to the limited data we have available and to privacy concerns, but we are available to discuss types of positions obtained by recent graduates and geographic locations.


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