Moot Court

Moot Court

showcase_program 2015 National Team
Left to right: Patrick Duffy, Sarah Gallo, Jae Kim, Allison Burke, Kyle Ratliff, Greg Chafuen

The Moot Court program is a student run organization that coordinates intermural and intercollegiate competitions in appellate and international divisions.

Established in 1950, the Moot Court program provides an opportunity for students to develop their appellate advocacy skills. The program is administered by the Moot Court Board (a group of students selected to represent Notre Dame Law School in competitions) and guided by a faculty advisor.

Students are selected to the Moot Court Board after competing in the optional 1L Moot Court Competition and receiving an invitation to join the Board based on their 1L briefs and their performance in the competition. In the fall of their 2L year, Board members compete intramurally to determine placement on the Board’s various teams. In years past NDLS’ teams have competed in the National Moot Court competition, the ABA competition, the National Religious Freedom Competition, and the Jessup International Law Moot Court competition. The National team also performs the Showcase argument in front of a panel of sitting judges, watched by the 1L class.

Members of the Board also have the opportunity to argue actual cases in front of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Under the guidance of a local attorney, they take on a case representing a prisoner. In that capacity, they write a brief, a reply brief and argue the case before a three judge panel.

Students are entitled to one co-curricular credit for each semester that they participate in Moot Court.

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Moot Court Board Members

2015 ABA Team

Sarah Gallo and Pat Duffey at the National Religious
Freedom Moot Court competition

President: Thomas McAndrew
1L Tournament Chair: Michael Mikulic
2L Selection Chair: Joe Zales
Brief Writer Selection: Susan Esquivel
Oralist Selection: Matthew Enzweiler

Team Representatives:
GW/Showcase Team: Matthew Enzweiler
ABA: Davis Rhorer
7th Circuit: Morgan Stacey
Jessup: Anna Lopez

Showcase Team
Christina Jones
Thomas McAndrew
Susan Esquivel

Chris DeLillo
Matthew Enzweiler
Michael Mikulic

ABA Team
Robert Graham
Timothy Vaughan
Joseph Saad

Davis Rhorer
Joe Connor
Robert Baldassare

Seventh Circuit
Emily Reber
Joseph Zales
Audrey Rabenberg
Morgan Stacey

Jessup International Law
Ashley Chilton
Anna Lopez
Crispin Collins

2L Members
Krystal Alvarez
Jason Chrestionson
Christina Dines
Brittany Ehardt
Diego Friere
Sara Gordon
Lauren Kuehn
Brian Mauldin
Kyle Maury
Sean McAuliffe
Tom McHugh
Chrissy Milanese
Lauren Nottoli
Brandon Polcik
Nicholas Schilling
Curtis Tate

Matthew Ciulla
Ciara Dineen
James Eckhart
Emily Logue
Jeffrey Schmidt
Lauren Shumate