About the Program

Today’s populace spends the majority of their time in their workplaces.  Indeed, many workers spend more time with their colleagues than their families.  As a result, many individuals begin to develop a strong sense of identity that is inextricably tied to their work.  This is true whether the person is employed as a janitor, a general counsel, or a chief executive officer.  For people to live full, happy, and productive lives, their workplaces, just like their homes, must be structured in ways that allow them to thrive.  Over the past decade, however, instances of misconduct within organizations have revealed the devastating impacts a dysfunctional workplace can have on worker well-being.  Whether it is a culture plagued with rampant sexual harassment or an institution that pressures its workers to engage in fraudulent behavior, when workers are not treated as whole beings with inherent dignity it can have devastating effects on their mental and physical health.   

The Notre Dame Law School Program on Ethics, Compliance, & Inclusion will critically examine, via scholarly tools from a variety of disciplines, some of the most challenging issues confronting organizations today in an effort to strengthen them in ways that will allow workers and organizational members to live healthy, productive lives.  When a workplace is plagued with unethical, illegal, inappropriate, or discriminatory conduct, it erodes the dignity of the associated workers.  And as misconduct within organizations continues to occur in new and significant ways, the importance of (i) identifying the root-causes of organizational wrongdoing and (ii) developing strategies for reform continues to grow.