Notre Dame in London

Author: Charles Williams

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the United Kingdom’s Human Rights Act on October 20, Notre Dame’s Center for Civil and Human Rights and the UK’s Human Rights Lawyers Association are holding a day-long event at Notre Dame’s London Law Centre to compare the approaches of the United Kingdom and the United States to protecting fundamental human rights.

The program, “Happiness Pursued: After Ten Years of the Human Rights Act, Are Brits (Finally) More Humane than Yanks?” will explore the responses of both the UK and US to the challenges posed by fair trial and security concerns; affirmative action and equality duties; libel and defamation; and the domestic application of international human right standards.

Each session will have a UK and a U.S. speaker. Among the speakers from Notre Dame are Professors Geoffrey Bennett, Douglass Cassel, John Nagle, Mary Ellen O’Connell, and Christine Venter.

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