Circulation Desk on the Move ...

Author: Susan Good

On Monday, March 29 through Thursday, April 1 (No fooling), the staff of the Access Services and Technical Services departments of the library will be moving to Biolchini Hall.

Reserve material (files and books) will be moved on Wednesday and Thursday, March 31 and April 1. If you will need anything from reserve (including a laptop) please check with the circulation staff prior to these dates. While we may be able to access some of the material while in transit, we would like to avoid doing so. However, if something is needed, we will make every effort to accommodate any unforseen need.

Access to the circulation desk from April 1 through April 7 will be through the reserve book room which is adjacent to the elevator near the current circulation desk. After April 7, access from the Commons will be more direct, through the archway just behind the current circulation desk.

Red Route: from Commons to the new circulation desk, April 1 – April 7

Green Route: from Commons to the new circulation desk after April 7

Cir desk map april