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A Library Divided

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand — Abraham Lincoln

A Library Divided for 18 Months Can Still Deliver Superb Service — Dean Ed Edmonds

With the move into the new Eck Hall of Law and the continuing renovation of the old law building – Biolchini Hall – the various library departments are scattered in several temporary locations, but all departments remain committed to delivering great service.…

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Laptop Reservations

Beginning Friday, November 21, the Circulation desk will take reservations for laptops that are on reserve.
Reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis. During the exam period—Friday, December 12 through Friday, December 19—laptops will be available only for Electronic Bluebook exams and there will be no overnight circulation of the laptops. Because of the limited number of loaner laptops available, we request that you do not reserve a laptop as a back up for your personal laptop. We appreciate your cooperation with this request.…

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What Happened to Our Books?

During fall break, Hallett Movers transferred most of the books in Stacks 1, 2 & 3 to Large Compact Storage (which from now on will be called “Stacks”) on the bottom floor of the law library. They will remain there throughout the library renovation which will begin in January and should be completed by June of 2010.…

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Interesting New Subscription--Audiocasefiles

Our law library is a founding sponsor of AudioCaseFiles, a service that provides audio opinions of more than 1,000 cases (you listen while someone reads the opinions to you) and 4,000 hours of trial video to the legal community. Download MP3s and listen on the go.

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Librarian Joe Thomas to Receive Chapman Award

This summer, at the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries, Joseph Thomas, Head of Technical Services, will receive the Renee Chapman Award. Presented by the Technical Services Special Interest Section, the Renee Chapman Award is one of the most prestigious awards given out by any unit within the American Association of Law Libraries…

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Popular Movie Puzzle

Examine the sentences below to uncover the eight new Oscar-nominated movies added to Kresge Library’s popular movie collection. Check one out. (They’re free!)

With his head down and panting heavily, Michael Clayton trudged through his run in the Valley of Elah and thought to himself, “Phew, this is no country for old men!” Rounding a tree he almost stumbled over an American gangster sitting cross-legged and contemplating how he might make atonement for stealing other peoples’ money. Later, he spotted a kite runner who was inadvertently nipped by his glass-coated cutting line. “Ouch!” he muttered, “that hurt, and unfortunately there will be blood.”…

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Edmonds presented at the 19th Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture

Ed Edmonds, associate dean for library and information technology in the Kresge Law Library, presented “The Great Dodgers Pitching Tandem Strikes a Blow for Salaries – the 1966 Drysdale-Koufax Holdout and Its Impact on the Game” at the “19th Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture,” cosponsored by the State Univ. of New York on Oneonta and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Cooperstown, N.Y., on June 6, 2007.…

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Edmonds presents at 14th Annual NINE Spring Training Conference

Ed Edmonds, associate dean for library and information technology in the Kresge Law Library, presented “The Impact of Curt Flood’s Minor League Baseball Experiences on His Lawsuit Against Bowie Kuhn” at the Nine: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture – 14th Annual Spring Training Conference, Tucson, AZ on March 16, 2007.…

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