Worldview Commentary No. 260 on Chicago Public Radio, 91.5 FM WBEZ

“Chavez’ Vision for Venezuela: Adios to Human Rights”

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What to say about democracy and human rights in the Venezuela of President Hugo Chavez?
The short answer is, “Adios.”

The most prominent news on Venezuela this week is that the government has raised its ownership
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Worldview Commentary No. 257 on Chicago Public Radio, 91.5 FM WBEZ

“Dueling Human Rights Reports: China and the United States”

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The United States and China this month celebrated their annual ritual of issuing public reports on each other’s human rights performance. Once again, their mutual critiques read like ships passing in the night: each country stresses issues where it looks good and the other looks bad. Once again, in denouncing each other’s human rights shortcomings, they are both mostly right. Read More

Worldview Commentary No. 256 on Chicago Public Radio, 91.5 FM WBEZ

“Genocide by Proxy – The World Court Weighs In”

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When is a nation legally responsible for atrocities carried out by armed groups it supports in another nation? And what are the consequences?

These questions are not merely theoretical. In 1986 the International Court of Justice (also known as the World Court) ruled that the United States was not generally liable for human rights violations committed by the Contras in Nicaragua. Even though the US created, funded and trained the Contras, the Court ruled that the US was not responsible for most of their actions, because Washington did not have “effective control of the military or paramilitary operations in the course of which the alleged violations were committed.” Read More

Worldview Commentary No. 252 on Chicago Public Radio, 91.5 FM WBEZ

“Saddam: How Not to Try a Tyrant”

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Few people outside Saddam Hussein’s base among Iraqi Sunnis will mourn the bloody
dictator’s passing. But Americans may come to regret our government’s complicity in
putting him to death after a patently unfair trial. For some observers, we will have
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Worldview Commentary No. 244 on Chicago Public Radio, 91.5 FM WBEZ

“Offending Islam ”

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On the morning of August 10, as news broke that British police were arresting suspects in
a plot to bomb flights to the US, I was in a New York airport, stuck in the longest
security line I have seen since 9/11, under strict orders to jettison my tooth paste and
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