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Prof. Snead quoted in National Right to Life News

carter snead news The Primacy Of The Life Issue
National Right to Life News
I don’t know how long “The Public Discourse” has been in business (I discovered it about just a few months ago), but the site produces wave after way of thought-provoking pro-life material. To take the most recent example, there is “Protect the Weak and Vulnerable: The Primacy of the Life Issue” by O. Carter Snead.

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Professor Lloyd Mayer quoted in Christianity Today and NewsBuster on Google Cuts Churches Out Of Nonprofit Program

mayer news While church leaders may be startled by Google’s changes, corporations often exclude faith-based groups from their philanthropic programs or restrict who can qualify, said Lloyd Mayer, a professor at Notre Dame Law School. He said Google is “trying to avoid anything that would reflect negatively on them” by avoiding potentially polarizing causes that might alienate customers. > Read Articles

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Prof. Snead quoted by Catholic News Agency on contraception mandate

carter snead news Catholic doctors’ group launches petition against contraception mandate
Catholic News Agency
Notre Dame Law School professor O. Carter Snead told CNA on Aug. 2 that the exemption fails to cover “virtually any” Catholic institution that serves or employs non-Catholics. He said the government mandate could require contraceptive coverage for the health care plans of Catholic universities and Catholic social service agencies.

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Study researches effectiveness of mediation in custody disputes

Brinig bulletin A joint project between the Notre Dame Law School’s Legal Aid Clinic and the College of Arts and Letters’ Center for Children and Families will examine the effectiveness of mediation in child custody disputes—specifically the success of educational programs required by the courts and whether the type of mediation makes a difference.

Margaret Brinig, the Law School’s associate dean for faculty research, is one of the project’s principal investigators.

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Prof. Patrick Salvi quoted in Yahoo! News

salvi news Illinois Injury Lawyer: Supreme Court Ruling Shows State’s Tough Stance On Drugged Driving
Yahoo! News
[Patrick A.] Salvi and his law firm have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for Illinois car accident victims, including compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Salvi teaches personal injury law at the University of Notre Dame School of Law.

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Professor Lloyd Mayer quoted in Huffington Post on the IRS pressure on large donors

mayer news IRS Buckled To GOP Pressure On Secret Donations, Lawyer Says
Huffington Post
Lloyd Mayer, who teaches tax law at the University of Notre Dame, agreed. “The worst fear of most career government servants is being drawn into the political spotlight,” he said. “The political heat got a little bit too hot, and the IRS blinked, rather than stick to its position, which I think was right.”

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