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Prof. O'Connell quoted in Wall Street Journal on impact of US working with Sudan on Gitmo

Mary Ellen Oconnell news US Works With Sudan on Gitmo
Wall Street Journal
Mary Ellen O’Connell, a professor of international law at the University of Notre Dame, took another view. “Engaging with the Sudanese on this issue is more likely to have a positive impact than a negative one. The United States is in a difficult position to press Sudan on human rights violations, while holding Sudanese nationals at Gitmo,” she said. > Read Article Read More

Prof. Bradley quoted by The Associated Press

bradley news Judge in gay marriage case subject to speculation
The Associated Press (August 6, 2010)
Gerard Bradley, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame, published a Fox News column in the hours before Walker filed his opinion faulting the media for not forcing Walker to address his sexual orientation. > Read Article Read More

Prof. Bradley publishes opinion in FOXNews

bradley news Why Has Media Ignored Judge’s Possible Bias In California’s Gay Marriage Case?
FOXNews (Opinion: By: Gerard Bradley) August, 4, 2010
Any minute now we will hear the result of another lawsuit about same-sex marriage. This month a federal judge in Massachusetts threw out a Congressional law which defined marriage as the union of man and woman. > Read Article Read More

Assoc. Dean Garnett to present Hesburgh Lecture

Rick Garnett fall08 news Assoc. Dean Garnett to present Hesburgh Lecture on August 7, 2010 at St. Joseph Parish Koenig Center, Libertyville, IL. The lecture will explore the topic “The Right Questions about School Choice: Education, Religious Freedom, and the Common Good.” Read More

NDLS alumnus chairs bar association section

David Worhatch news S. David Worhatch ’79, an Executive Advisory Board Member for the Notre Dame Law School, was appointed to the LItigation Section of the Ohio State Bar Association. His appointment a one-year term which began on July 1. He was appointed to the position by Carmen V. Roberto, president of the Ohio State Bar Association. Read More

Richmond Times Dispatch quotes Professor O'Connell

Mary Ellen Oconnell news Hentoff: Is Obama ‘in Love With Drones’?
Richmond Times Dispatch (Quotes: Mary Ellen O’Connell)
On Scott Simon’s always-illuminating Weekend Edition program on National Public Radio, Mary Ellen O’Connell, a research professor at the University of Notre Dame, said: "I am not at all against the use of technology that protects our soldiers, and I’m with the American public on that entirely. But I do think a lot about not only the legal but the moral ramifications of the drone, the ability to kill from thousands of miles away, not just a mile or two away. And what is that doing to us as a nation? > Read Article Read More