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Professor of the Year Commencement Address

You have heard several wonderful messages today: Be noble in this profession, lead integrated lives, pursue justice. I am not going to repeat them. Surely they resonate deeply with you. You have received one of the most rigorous legal educations offered in this nation by any standard, especially by a standard that deeply values relationships between law, faith, and reason.

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Prof. Snead Explains Impact of Neuroscience on Courts

Prof. Carter Snead recently spoke to an assembly of federal and state judges about the current and future impact of neuroscience and neuroimaging on civil and criminal court cases. He presented alongside prominent neuroscientists who spoke about how their work might have implications for the law.

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The Boston Globe: Prof. Kaveny on Obama and Catholic Voters

Author: Susan Good

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“There is no one such thing as a Catholic voter,” said Cathleen Kaveny, a professor of law and theology at Notre Dame, who attended the event in South Bend and is a member of Obama’s national steering committee of Catholic advisers.

Catholics, who account for about 18 percent of the population of Indiana and a quarter of the national electorate, are much more diverse in the United States than they are often portrayed, Kaveny said. The challenge for Obama, she said, is to make Catholics more familiar with his message of economic empowerment, equality, and ending the Iraq war.

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