A year in London (and beyond!)

Author: Lauren Love

Carlene Miller, 2L

I decided to apply to Notre Dame Law – and ultimately accepted my admission offer – because of the Notre Dame Law in London program. I had spent two of my undergraduate summers in London, and I had never anticipated that I would be able to return to the city that I love during law school. The Notre Dame London Law Centre affords a completely unique and valuable experience that other law schools simply do not provide.

The London program is not just for students destined to become international lawyers. I came into the program knowing that I wanted to become a criminal public defender in the United States. My comparative and international law classes have provided me the opportunity to critically compare America’s criminal justice system with that of the United Kingdom and elsewhere. The highlight of my experience has been my year-long internship at JD Spicer Zeb Solicitors, a criminal defense firm that has allowed me to work on criminal cases pending against the firm’s low-income clients.

Because of the London Program, my 2L year has been my happiest and most enriching year of education in my life. Outside of my classes and internship, I have been able to become really engaged in London life while also traveling more than I ever have in my life. So far this year, I have traveled to 13 cities across eight countries – from Edinburgh to Budapest – with many more adventures to come.

Originally from upstate New York, Carlene Miller received her bachelor’s degree in ethics, politics and economics from Yale University in 2014. Miller is a member of the Journal of College and University Law and the Public Interest Law Forum. She is also a founding member and treasurer of the National Lawyers Guild of Notre Dame, a public interest association of lawyers, law students, jailhouse lawyers, and other legal activists. During her 1L summer Miller served as an Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps JD Member at the Orleans Public Defenders in Louisiana. For her 2L summer she will complete an internship at the Law Offices of the Public Defender in Albuquerque, N.M., where she hopes to work after graduation.