2009 Summer Research Experience Survey Results

Author: Susan Good

One hundred sixty-four Notre Dame Law School (NDLS) 2Ls and 3Ls responded to the 2009 Summer Research Experience Survey conducted from September 28 through October 9 by the Research Department. The annual survey helps the legal research instructors assess whether our students have the research skills to successfully compete with other law students in summer jobs.

Legal research instructors, Ed Edmonds, Patti Ogden, Chris O’Byrne, Warren Rees, and Dwight King, are proud that, over the years, NDLS students have reported confidence in their research skills, with many rating them as being better than those of students from other schools.

Highlights from the 2009 Survey:

How much research did you do last summer?
Large amount: 53%
Small Amount: 9%

How do your research skills compare to those of your peers?
Much Better: 16%
Better: 42%
Same: 38%
Worse/Much Worse 3%

Did you use Lexis or Westlaw?
Westlaw: 45%
Lexis: 13%
Both: 40%
Discouraged from using them: 10%

What percentage of your research was done electronically?
Electronic (at least 70% of the time): 82%
Electronic exclusively: 21%

Did you use print sources?
State Statutes: 50%
Digests: 24%
Federal Statutes: 26%

Were you offered a permanent position by your summer employer?
Received an offer: 23% (37 respondents)

Were your research skills an important factor in getting the offer?
My research skills were an important factor: 35% (11 of the 37 respondents)

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