Electronic Bluebook Exam (EBB) Preparation

The Electronic Bluebook (EBB) is a secure test-taking program that allows students to submit exams electronically through the use of their own personal laptops (or ones checked out from the library) instead of handwriting their responses in the traditional “bluebook” notebook. Most professors much prefer receiving typed responses instead of often hard to read handwriting. To date at Notre Dame Law School, more than 10,000 exams have been submitted using exam software. Be sure to check the exam schedule posted on various bulletin boards around the building and available here for a list of exams for which EBB will be used. All students will need to download and install or re-install the EBB software and complete a trial exam before December 3rd. You may download EBB and find more information about EBB at this link. (Netid required)

Remember, even if you already had EBB installed, you must reinstall the new version. The old version will not function properly! Be sure to submit your “Installation and Usage Verification" form to Peter Horvath by 4:00 pm on December 3. This form is available in Room 1100 or online. Good luck with exams!