Rick Garnett to Deliver Keynote on Evangelization and the Law

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faculty_garnettr Notre Dame Law School professor Rick Garnett is one of two keynote speakers at an upcoming event called “Conversions and Conflict: An Interreligious Discussion of Evangelization.” The discussion will be held at the Terrence J. Murphy Institute for Catholic Thought, Law and Public Policy at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minn.

Garnett, a leading Catholic voice on religion and the law, will share the stage with L. Ali Khan, a leading scholar of Islam and the law at Washburn University School of Law in Kansas. They will discuss evangelization and some of the challenging theological and legal issues it presents in a pluralistic America.

“[T]he [First] Amendment is understood as protecting and celebrating not just expression but persuasion—or, if you like, proselytism,” says Garnett. “There are, therefore, reasons grounded in our Constitution and traditions for regarding proselytism and its legal protection not as threats to the common good and the freedom of conscience, but instead as integral to the flourishing and good exercise of that freedom.”

Garnett adds that evangelizing does not undermine but, rather, is at the heart of not only the freedoms protected by the Constitution, but also those that are inherent in our dignity as human persons.

Contact: Rick Garnett, 574-631-6981, rgarnett@nd.edu

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