ND Law places 7th on list of law schools with most Supreme Court clerks

Author: Notre Dame Law School

Supreme Court Feature

Notre Dame Law School was tied for 7th on a recent list of law schools with the most Supreme Court clerkship placements.

Professor Brian Leiter of the University of Chicago Law School reported the "per capita" rate of clerkship placements between 2013 and 2019 on his blog, Brian Leiter's Law School Reports. Four graduates from Notre Dame Law School clerked at the Supreme Court over the course of those years.

Three members of the Notre Dame Law School community — alumni Laura Wolk '16 J.D. and Audrey Beck '17 J.D. as well as Professor Stephen Yelderman — are clerking during the Supreme Court's current term.

Wolk is clerking for Justice Clarence Thomas, while Beck is clerking for Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Professor Yelderman is clerking for Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Notre Dame Law School's Class of 2019 also ranked 7th for federal clerkship placements, according to American Bar Association data recently reported by Law.com.