Professors Garnett and Kaveny to present at the Arts and Letters Saturday Scholar Series

Author: Susan Good

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Professor Rick Garnett and Professor Cathy Kaveny will present at the “Saturday Scholar Series” on September 11, 2010.

“Religion and American Public Life: The 50th Anniversary of JFK’s Houston Speech on the Separation of Church and State”

Richard Garnett, Professor, Law School
Cathleen Kaveny, John P. Murphy Foundation Professor of Law, Law School
John McGreevy, Professor, Department of History; Dean, College of Arts and Letters
Vincent Phillip Munoz, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Michael Zuckert, Nancy Reeves Dreux Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science

September 12, 2010, marks the 50th anniversary of Senator John F. Kennedy’s famous speech to the Houston Ministerial Association on the separation of church and state. This Saturday Scholars’ panel brings together some of the University’s leading experts on religion and American politics to reflect upon the legacy of this speech by the man who would become America’s first Roman Catholic president.

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