Professor O’Connell quoted in “National Journal” cover story on drones

Author: Susan Good

Mary Ellen Oconnell

Mary Ellen O’Connell, the Robert and Marion Short Professor of Law and Research Professor of International Dispute Resolution—Kroc Institute at the University of Notre Dame, tells the “National Journal” that “there simply is no right to use military force against a terrorist suspect far from any battlefield.” Her comments are featured in the Journal’s January 9, 2010, cover story titled “Are Drone Strikes Murder?”

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O’Connell is an expert on the international law governing the use of force. She chairs the International Law Association’s Committee on the Use of Force. She is the author of the leading American law school casebook on the subject: International Law and the Use of Force, Cases and Materials (Foundation 2d ed. 2009). She is the lead author of the next edition of The International Legal System (Foundation 6th ed. 2010) as well as the author of The Power and Purpose of International Law (OUP 2008) and International Law and the “Global War on Terrorism” (Editions-Pedone 2007) among many other books and articles.

O’Connell teaches a number of courses in the international law area including international law, international law and the use of force, international art law, international dispute resolution, and international environmental law, as well as the law of contracts.

She is a member of the American Society of International Law, the International Law Association, the Germany Society of International Law, and the International Institute for Humanitarian Law.

For more on Professor O’Connell, visit her faculty profile web page.