Professor Mary Ellen O’Connell Testifies before Congress

Author: Charles Williams

Mary Ellen Oconnell

Professor Mary Ellen O’Connell testified December 9 at a congressional hearing on “Civil Liberties and National Security."

Appearing before the House Judiciary’s Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, Professor O’Connell focused her presentation on the U.S. strategy of engaging in “targeted killings” of terrorism suspects away from any battlefield. This practice, she testified, violates the human right to life and fails to meet the tests of legality, morality or effectiveness.

You can view the entire hearing, including Professor O’Connell’s testimony, at the Judiciary Committee’s website, where Professor O’Connell’s testimony begins at the webcast’s 1:57 mark.

To view or download Professor O’Connell’s full written remarks as submitted to the committee, click here.