Professor Donald P. Kommers Delivers Hesburgh Lecture

Author: Charles Williams

Don Kommers 5-10

On 25 January, Donald P. Kommers, Professor of Law Emeritus, delivered a Hesburgh Lecture before the Alumni Club of Philadelphia. The lecture – “Is the U.S. Constitution Obsolescent?” – focused on the structural features of the United States Constitution and whether these structures are adequate to the needs of a 21st century advanced constitutional democracy. The lecture included a critical analysis of these features of the Constitution: Equal state representation in the U.S. Senate; Congress’s bicameral structure; the presidential veto; the electoral college; the lame duck congress and presidency; life-time tenure for Supreme Court justices; Article V on the amendatory process; two-year terms of office for members of the House of Representatives; and the 22nd Amendment limiting a president to two four-year terms of office.