Prof. Rougeau to deliver two keynotes in Chicago

Author: Susan Good

Vince Rougeau

Notre Dame Professor of Law Vincent Rougeau will speak at The Lumen Christi Institute Law and Culture Forum-sponsored presentation titled “Faith and Citizenship in the New World Order” on Thursday, June 25. He will deliver a keynote address the following day at the annual Faith, Justice, and Civic Learning Conference, held this year at DePaul University in Chicago.

Rougeau’s Lumen Christi talk will focus on several chapters from his recent book, “Christians in the American Empire: Faith and Citizenship in the New World Order” (Oxford University Press, 2008). In the book, Rougeau uses principles drawn from Catholic social thought to review and critique the approach taken in American law to a number of pressing social issues. These include the country’s struggle for racial equality and the use of affirmative action to the plight of the poor and the problems created by recent welfare reform measures.

Rougeau’s keynote address at the Faith, Justice, and Civic Learning Conference will be an overview of his Just Communities Project, which he has been working on in London since 2006. Just Communities has focuses on citizen organizing as an effective method for Christian social engagement in multi-faith contexts. The practice brings faith and community groups together in broad-based alliances to act together on issues of common concern.

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