Prof. Mayer on healthcare reform and nonprofits

Author: Susan Good


Notre Dame Associate Professor of Law Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer is quoted extensively in the latest issue of “The Non-Profit Times,” a business publication for non-profit managers. Mayer addresses the potential impact of a proposal in the Senate’s healthcare reform bill to develop a federal program known as the Consumer Operated and Oriented (CO-OP) program.

Here is an excerpt from the publication:

“There’s going to be an influx of people establishing these nonprofits because there is money there,” said Mayer. “And the big unknowns are how are they going to work, how well are they going to be monitored and how are we going to make sure these are truly nonprofit entities and that there are not owners.”

Mayer explained that the nonprofit CO-OP might be easier to swallow than the well-debated and controversial public option. “I think it makes a big difference because what people don’t like and what they are concerned about, and rationally so, is government bureaucrats making the decisions,” said Mayer. “They are much more comfortable with a private entity, that’s subjected to some government restrictions and requirements, but a private entity.”

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Professor Mayer’s areas of research interest and expertise include advocacy by nonprofit organizations, the growing intersection of election law and tax law with respect to lobbying and other political activity, and the role of nonprofits both domestically and internationally.

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