Prof. Garnett to Discuss “The Constitution in 2020” at Yale

Author: Susan Good

Rick Garnett fall08

This coming weekend, University of Notre Dame Professor of Law and Associate Dean Richard Garnett will participate in a conference at Yale Law School titled “The Constitution in 2020.” The conference is part of an ongoing project at Yale to formulate a progressive vision of the U.S. Constitution for the future in areas ranging from “foreign policy and national security to social welfare rights, individual freedom, federalism, democracy and voting rights, and theories of constitutional interpretation,” according to the project’s Web page.

Prior to the conference, invited participants have been contributing to a blog about the project. Garnett’s blog posts touch on “Religion and Division” ( and “Religious Institutions, Pluralism, and the Infrastructure of Religious Freedom” (

Garnett teaches courses on criminal law, criminal procedure, First Amendment law, and the death penalty. His areas of research interest and expertise include: school choice, Catholic social thought, Church / state relations, religion in the public square, free speech and expressive association, free exercise of religion, federalism and criminal law, and the death penalty.

Link to more about Garnett, including his CV and selected scholarship, on his faculty profile page.