Prof. Garnett on Judicial Interference with Community Values

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faculty_garnettr Notre Dame Associate Professor of Law Richard Garnett will speak at the University of Michigan Law School on March 7-8 as part of the Federalist Society’s 2008 Student Symposium. The event, entitled “The People and the Courts,” brings together federalists from across the country for a discussion about the role citizens play in interpreting constitutional order.

This year’s symposium will address questions about the degree to which the law should reflect the will of the people, whether courts should respond to popular sentiment, and when and how the public should react when courts “get it wrong.”

Garnett’s talk will focus on the lessons of the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist’s understanding of whether and when judges should invalidate laws that reflect local communities’ values.

Contact: Richard Garnett, 574-631-6981,

For more information on Professor Garnett, visit his faculty profile page.