Prof. Cassel co-chairs human rights panels at Brussels conference

Author: Dan Manier

Doug Cassel faculty

Douglass Cassel, Notre Dame Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Civil and Human Rights at the Law School, will lead the human rights panel discussions for the Transatlantic Strategy Forum in Brussels, Belgium. The conference, titled “The European Union, the United States and Global Governance: Major Trends and Challenges,” runs Dec. 3-4.

Cassel’s remarks compare the approach of the European Union to the approach of the United States on a variety of human rights-related subjects, including the use of military force in counter-terrorism operations and the role of international law in adjudicating human rights violations.

Says Cassel:
“The nations of the European Union and the United States of America have more in common in support of human rights than do any other two regions in the world…Within their broadly similar traditions, however, lie important differences. Some are of relatively recent vintage, such as different mixes of law enforcement and military force in counter-terrorism operations. Others are more longstanding, including sharply different approaches to international law and international criminal accountability, fundamentally different roles for religion and religious values, markedly varying ideologies of political economy, differing emphases on freedom of expression, contrasting attitudes toward state-sanctioned violence, and dramatically different approaches to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

For Cassel’s complete remarks, click here