NDLS supports Haitian relief

Author: Susan Good

haiti story

Within two days of announcing the establishment of donation centers within the Law School for Haitian relief, the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) raised nearly $1,000 for the cause. Fundraising continues, and BLSA is on track to collect nearly $2,000 to give to the American Red Cross to assist victims of the January 12 earthquake that left the nation devastated.

“Our organization felt a direct call to action not only as a result of the depth of the tragedy, but because 95 percent of Haiti is black,” says Danisha Anderson, president of BLSA at Notre Dame Law School. “Many of our members have familial ties to the Caribbean as well, and as a result, their family circles include residents of Haiti.” The National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA) has a historic connection and commitment to Haiti as well, participating each year in visits to the country to raise awareness about problems including child labor, gang violence, and barriers to education.

In addition to fundraising, Law School students organized a prayer service for victims of the tragedy. “The response from my peers has been immediate, generous, and overall inspiring,” says Anderson.