NDLS Profile: Rob Kelly

Author: Susan Good

Rob Kelly Rob Kelly joined the Notre Dame Law School in July, coming to work with us through the Notre Dame Rotation Program. He was a 2003 graduate of the joint undergraduate engineering and MBA program, and worked with Honeywell International in Ohio after graduation. A huge Notre Dame fan, Rob notes that being away from Notre Dame during his tenure at Honeywell “only reinforced my affinity for Notre Dame, and I couldn’t stop thinking about coming back to work here.” When the opportunity arose, Rob and his wife Starr moved their growing family here just over five years ago. In an interview this fall, we asked Rob to tell us more about the ND Rotation Program, and also share more of his personal story with us. We learned he is a happy husband and proud father, a winning football coach, and that he loves to sing, among much else. If you haven’t already met Rob, he welcomes visitors in his office (1156 Eck Hall), where he will be through the fall semester before the Rotation Program moves him to another location on campus. In the meantime, you can also read the interview with Rob here. Please join in extending a warm welcome to Rob during his time with us here at NDLS!