NDLA Board Holds Spring Meeting

Author: Susan Good

The Notre Dame Law Association (NDLA) Board of Directors holds its spring 2009 meeting on Friday, April 24. The board consists of 22 members from all over the United States. There are 16 regional representatives covering 18 regions of the country, plus one at-large representative. In addition, membership includes a president, president-elect, and three Alumni Association constituency group representatives, serving on behalf of Asian-Pacific alumni, Black alumni, and Hispanic alumni of Notre Dame. The board represents the more than 8,000 Notre Dame Lawyers throughout the world.

The NDLA Board exists to advise the Dean in matters respecting students, curriculum, finances, programs, facilities, resources, capabilities, strategic planning, management, and Law School operations as requested. The board is also involved with assisting the Admissions Office in the recruitment of qualified students as well as mentoring, advising and promoting students and graduates of the Law School in their efforts to secure employment.

NDLA Board members generously donate their time, talent and treasure to Notre Dame Law School. Board members do not receive compensation for their services and pay for transportation, lodging, and incidentals related to board meeting attendance.

For more on the NDLA, visit /alumni/notre-dame-law-association.