ND Law Alum Fights Corruption as Juarez Mayor

Author: Susan Good

Reyes Ferriz

Jose Reyes Ferriz graduated from Notre Dame Law School in 1988, and is currently mayor of Juarez, Mexico, a city embroiled in violence perpetrated largely by Mexican drug cartels. A recent ABC News “Nightline” report described Ferriz as “an honest man. He’s also a man with a price on his head, who drug traffickers would love to see dead.”

ABC News’s Nightline

A recent issue of “Time” magazine wrote, “Jose Reyes Ferriz, mayor of the Mexican border city of Juarez, presides over what may be the western hemisphere’s most dangerous town, certainly the hardest hit by Mexico’s drug-war terror. Since the start of last year, Juarez has seen almost 2,000 drug-related murders. Reyes this month requested thousands of federal army soldiers to rein in the violence, which has subsided for the moment — giving him a chance to rebuild Juarez’s corrupt police force.”

Time magazine