Meet Anthony Kroese, 2L

Author: Lauren Love

Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., Anthony Kroese earned his bachelor of arts in political science from Canisius College in 2014. As a fellow for the Admissions Office, Kroese will be present at many Admitted Student Weekend events this weekend.

I asked Kroese to reflect on his experiences at NDLS.

Why did you chose NDLS?
“I chose Notre Dame because of the school’s commitment to living the mission of being a different kind of lawyer. Throughout the admissions process, both current students and alumni spoke highly of developing into a lawyer that is a lifelong learner with a commitment to moral and ethical decision making, as well as an atmosphere that fosters learning beyond what is required in class. I knew that joining the Notre Dame community would prepare me to be successful in the legal profession.”

How would you describe the community at NDLS?
“The Notre Dame community is rooted in a commitment to tradition, values, and personal growth. Although Notre Dame is known far and wide for its educational excellence, as a student, it becomes readily apparent that Notre Dame’s mission is proudly embodied through academics, extracurricular activities, and the entirety of the student body. Through the dedication and commitment of faculty, staff, and students, the Notre Dame tradition of ethics, integrity, and education runs as deep as our love of the blue and gold. Although law school can become extremely busy, stressful, and tiring, through the strength of the community and support of each other, Notre Dame quickly becomes a calming home for all.”

What type of law do you want to practice? Where do you want to practice?
“Initially, I was solely interested in transactional work. My professors encouraged me to take classes that were outside that initial mindset, which is when I became interested in litigation. I plan to practice in the area of corporate law in my home city of Buffalo, N.Y.”

What extracurricular activities do you/have you participated in at NDLS? What clinics, externships, and/or internships have you completed?
“Thus far, I have been a member of Notre Dame’s Student Bar Association, chair of the Social Committee, and fellow for the Office of Admissions. In addition, I am a member of the Journal of College and University Law.”

How would you describe the faculty at NDLS? What has been your favorite class?
“Law school can be intimidating. The faculty quickly negates the intimidation by being extremely open and approachable for all students. Beyond their ease of access, every professor is an expert in the area that they are teaching, which quickly makes the classroom material exciting and engaging. Professors frequently meet with students outside of class; one professor bought every student in class lunch as a way to informally get to know them better. Although they may seem like experts in one area of law, professors will gladly help relate their class material to other classes in an effort to understand the broader picture of a legal career. Beyond that, professors frequently talk about their outside experiences, or the experiences of their students, to bring a real-world feel to each class. Through the high expectations that the law school community imposes upon itself, the relationship between professors and students has developed into one of lifelong learning, where professors are always accessible for both questions and advice.

My favorite class has been Sports Law. Standing alone this class is an exciting topic. The class delved into contract law, antitrust law, and labor law, giving me an opportunity to apply the concepts from previous courses. In a way, it was fulfilling to apply the breadth of knowledge from other classes to a new set of material.”

What advice would you give an incoming student?
“The biggest piece of advice I would give an incoming student is to make time to get involved in the extracurricular activities offered on campus. It becomes easy to focus only on classwork and ignore the other important aspects of being part of the Notre Dame community. Remember to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Although that can mean many things, it is important to join organizations, take part in the various social opportunities, and find time to take care of yourself.”

What did you find the most surprising during your 1L year?
“One of the most surprising realizations that I had was how well the law school community is able to balance individual success and care for one another. Many of my colleagues at competitive law schools talk of how classmates tend to keep to themselves when it comes to classwork. Our community does value our personal success, but never at the price of ensuring that, as future professional colleagues, we are all becoming the best lawyers that we can be. In short, the bond of the Notre Dame community is unrivaled.”

What are your summer internship plans?
“This summer I will be clerking at Goldberg Segalla’s Buffalo office.”