Maximize your potential as a lawyer

Author: Brendan Barber

By Brendan Barber, 2L

Law school is about more than test scores and rankings. It is a community of individuals that will define you for life. When considering various law schools, I encourage you to examine the numbers: employment rates, tuition costs, and alumni geographic distributions. However, your ultimate decision should be based on fit.

You should feel confident that your law school community will enable you to maximize your potential as a lawyer. Admitted Student Weekend is a great indicator of whether Notre Dame Law School is the right fit for you. After visiting for Admitted Student Weekend, I had a good feeling about the quality of people at Notre Dame. Everyone I interacted with — from the students, faculty and admissions staff to NDLS alumni — had a genuine interest in my career aspirations. I hoped to start my legal career in Chicago. Following Admitted Student Weekend, the people I met at NDLS put me in contact with Chicago alumni. Every alum with whom I spoke was adamant that Notre Dame Law School would open doors that other schools could not. I walked away from Admitted Student Weekend already connected with the famously strong Notre Dame alumni network. It was clear that NDLS would lead me to my goals.

Admitted Student Weekend condenses the many offerings of NDLS into a few days. Prospective students observe a class, speak with current law students, tour the historic campus, and interact with world-class NDLS faculty. You will gain an inside perspective on life as an NDLS student. Don’t hesitate to ask questions throughout your visit. By interacting with NDLS students, faculty, and administrators at Admitted Student Weekend, you can guarantee your law school decision will be well informed.

Notre Dame Law School will push you to become a leader. You will develop a multifaceted skill set that will separate you from other law school graduates. In three semesters at NDLS I have attended conversations with three U.S. Supreme Court Justices, completed a federal judicial externship in Chicago, worked as an assistant rector in a campus resident hall, grown in my faith, and established a group of lifelong friends. To me, a different kind of lawyer is well-rounded and selfless. Students at NDLS embody both attributes. Come see for yourself.

Originally from Erie, Pa, 2L student Brendan Barber received his bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University in 2012, where he played wide receiver on the varsity football team. Barber is a staff member on the Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics, & Public Policy, Director of the Alumni Ambassador Program, and Assistant Rector in Dillon Hall.