Literacy Drive

Author: Susan Good

The Law Library is sponsoring its 2nd Annual Literacy Drive to raise donations in support of the Literacy Council of Saint Joseph County. The Literacy Council offers one-on-one tutoring programs for adults and has also developed two child literacy initiatives, including the Success-by-Six program and the Born Learning program. The Literacy Council has provided a wish list of items they most urgently need for their programs. The library is collecting donations in a box next to the Circulation desk until April 30th. Please donate in whatever way you can from the following list: Folders, Copy paper, notebooks, mailing tabs, mailing labels, tote bags, pencils and pens, pocket dictionaries, basic-level books, child and toddler books, alphabet and other educational puzzles, CDs with children’s music or books on tape, puppets, art supplies, children’s instruments, small whiteboards with dry-erase markers and erasers, magnetic letters, and clipboards.

If you would like more information on the Literacy Council, including information on how to make a financial donation, or how you can become a reading tutor, please see their website: Thank you for your support of this excellent program!

If you have any questions about the Law Library’s Literacy Drive, please contact Beth Given at 574-631-5124 or