Kresge Library Student Service Award Winner

Author: Susan Good

Nora Sakal Nora Sakal is a Design major in the College of Arts and Letters at Notre Dame and this year’s recipient of the Kresge Library Student Service award given to a graduating senior who has shown substantial and exemplary service to the library.

I first met Nora shortly after I began working at Notre Dame, in August 2006. She began working at the law library that fall semester of her first year, and she has worked every semester plus one summer since then, learning the ins and outs of the Technical Services department. When she first began, Nora primarily helped with the library’s ongoing inventory project, but since then she has expanded her reach to many aspects of our departmental work, from database maintenance to serials check-in, labeling, processing, and more. In performing her various job duties, Nora learned a lot about the way the library works, noting that “when I worked in libraries before I only shelved books; one doesn’t know how that book gets there to be shelved. Here, books get shelved, too, but how they get to that point is what you discover in Tech Services.” The department is a great place to work, Nora said, “because everyone here is friendly and it taps into my strengths. I am very organized and I have a great attention to details.” Nora’s attention to detail, her experience and her skills in the Technical Service processes will certainly be missed as she graduates and leaves Notre Dame this May.

Nora hails from Chicago, Illinois, where her parents (both professors at Notre Dame in the School of Architecture) live most of the time. Upon graduation, Nora will be returning to Chicago for a few months to intern at the Victory Gardens theatre doing set design for their summer shows. In August, Nora is heading to El Paso, Texas, where she plans to continue working in the theatre design business for a year before heading to graduate school. She is looking forward to returning to the southwest, where she lived when she was younger and where some of her extended family still resides.

We at the Kresge Law Library wish Nora all the best and thank her for her four years of service to the library!

-Beth Given