Lanski received the Kresge Library Student Service Award

Author: Susan Good

Kelli Lanski Kresge Library faculty and staff joined Dean O’Hara in celebrating the dedication of the many student workers who assist with library tasks throughout the school year on Tuesday, April 28th, at the Annual Student Worker Appreciation Breakfast. This event, held in the Donors Room at the Morris Inn, is a time for staff, faculty and students to get together before the end of the school year, as well as the time for the presentation of the Kresge Library Student Service Award. This award is given to a graduating senior each year in recognition of outstanding service to the law library. The 2009 recipient was Kelli Lanski, a 3L who has worked for Access Services since 2007.

Kelli was honored as the 2009 recipient of the Student Service Award because “she performs well beyond her workload of evening duties and consistently works with a high degree of professionalism and motivation while juggling multiple law school demands” notes Library Specialist Anita Lutz. Kelli performs many duties for the library, but in particular she assists others in finding items in the catalog, and finding electronic resources when library holdings are unavailable due to the construction. Kelli notes that her experiences working in the library have been very helpful for increasing her knowledge of library resources and her ability to assist fellow students. This experience has also served her well when completing research for the law review, and assisting her law review colleagues. Kelli has worn many hats at Notre Dame, aside from working in the library. She also currently works as a Lexis Student Representative, has worked for the Journal of Legislation, and has been active in Moot Court competition. She is a devoted public servant and has put her talents and interests to good use, working in fundraising efforts throughout her college career and for volunteer organizations prior to law school. At Notre Dame she has been a tour guide and also assists clients at the Legal Aid Clinic, a job she greatly enjoys. She also managed to find time to help lead her bowling team, the “Bad News Barristers,” to the finals in the spring semester.

After graduation Kelli is headed to New York where she has accepted a position with the law firm Dewey and Leboeuf. The firm will give her the opportunity to work in public interest law, helping in humanitarian efforts at an agency of her choice for about a year prior to her start at the firm. She looks forward to this ability to work hands-on with important public interest topics. We all wish Kelli the very best of luck in her future endeavors!

-Anita Lutz and Beth Given