Judy Bernardino, ’89 J.D.

Author: Tammye Raster

Judy Bernardino has won the prestigious UCLA Extension Writer’s Program Feature Film and Television Writing Competition in her category of Television Spec teleplay. Bernardino’s scrip for the HBO series VEEP, entitled “Mabel”, comedically addresses the frustrations of the lead character, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, as she powers through her job as a U.S. President who strives to hide her volatile nature from the voting public. “VEEP is as sophisticated and intricate as comedy gets,” says Phil Kellard, Bernardino’s UCLA Extension writing teacher (whose own writing and producing credits include the long-running TV series Doogie Howser, M.D., The Wayans Brothers, and Martin). “To not only weave a strong, timeless and funny story, but to also capture the different voices of the show’s characters so deftly, is a huge achievement. It’s a personal thrill for me to be the teacher to see Judy’s work recognized and applauded by the industry.”