Joe Miller

Author: Joe Miller

joe_miller_web2 Class of 2013, hometown: Huntly, Virginia

Undergrad: George Mason University, Economics

Work Experience: International Trade Paralegal at Weil, Gotshal and Manages LLP in Washington, DC

NDLS Extracurricular: 2L Student Bar Association Rep, Program Associate with the Program on Law and Human Development, Assistant Rector- Sorin College

“I cannot say enough positive things about my years at NDLS. At NDLS, I have had the privilege of being part of a tight-knit supportive community. In fact, I can honestly say I have met some of my best friends during my time here. Of course, NDLS is the only law school I have attended, but, from talking with friends at peer law schools, it seems the community-feel at NDLS is unparalleled. Among the many things which make Notre Dame a great place to go to law school is the approachability of the faculty. I have never had a professor who failed to make time for students outside the classroom. I would even be comfortable calling some of my professors friends. They have helped me immensely in my academic and personal formation. Finally, the Catholic character of the law school invites us to look beyond the letter of the law to ask more fundamental questions. At NDLS, the dignity of the human person is at the forefront of our students.”