Jen Mason McAward and Ed Edmonds

Author: Susan Good

I am delighted to announce the receipt of two reprints from Jen Mason McAward and one from Ed Edmonds. They now reside on the Dean’s Bookshelf.

Jen contributed her response to an article by Alex Tsesis (who is, coincidentally on campus today for a roundtable on the Reconstruction amendments sponsored by the Constitutional Structure and Design program) in the Maryland Law Review and the lead article in Penn’s Journal of Constitutional Law.

The cites are:

Jennifer Mason McAward, Congressional Authority to Interpret the Thirteenth Amendment: A Response to Professor Tsesis, 71 MD. L. REV. 60 (2011)
Jennifer Mason McAward, Defining the Badges and Incidents of Slavery, 14 U. PA. J. CONSTL. L. 561 (2012).

Ed contributed an article on the baseball reserve system, published in the Albany Government Law Review:

Ed Edmonds, Arthur Soden’s Legacy: The Origins and Early History of Baseball’s Reserve System, 5 ALB. GOV’T L. REV. 38 (2012).

Thanks and congratulations to Jen and Ed!