Housing: Will you live on or off campus?

Author: Lauren Love

For many college towns and communities finding housing can be a real struggle. Not South Bend. With approximately 85 percent of Notre Dame’s undergraduate population living on campus for all four years, Notre Dame’s graduate and professional students find that finding a nice, affordable place in our community is a breeze! The Notre Dame community provides students with ample housing options – both on and off.

About 50 percent law students chooses to live on-campus. On campus, Notre Dame offers affordable graduate apartment-style housing options for single students, married students, or families with children. All on-campus graduate student housing is within a 15-minute walk to the Law School.

The main graduate student housing complex — referred to as “FOG” for the building names of Fischer and O’Hara-Grace — will be available to tour during both Admitted Student Weekends. You can find a list of FOG Apartments FAQs here. Once a student has confirmed their enrollment and activated their Notre Dame NetID they are eligible to apply for housing through the “Office of Housing’s website”/admissions/for-admitted-students/houses-for-sale-or-rent/. The Office of Housing conducts a lottery for housing assignments. The housing application will go live later this spring.

For students who prefer to live off campus, there are many apartment options around the periphery of campus or within a short drive. The South Bend community also offers an extremely affordable housing market for the student wanting to buy a home. The Law School even coordinates a site where faculty, alumni, and local property companies can post houses for sale or rent.

If you plan to live off campus and also want to have a roommate, you may want to utilize our Roommate Identification Form (RIF) to help identify potential roommates. Questions related to the RIF may be directed to Karen Srmek, senior staff assistant, at lawadmit@nd.edu or 574-631-6626. Another great way to meet a future roommate is to attend one of our two Admitted Student Weekends.

Lastly, Notre Dame offers a very unique housing opportunity for our 2L and 3L students. With such a large population of undergraduate students that live on campus, the University hires graduate students to serve as assistant rectors — similar to assistant residence hall directors — to live in and work in the undergraduate residence halls. Approximately 75 percent of all assistant rectors come from the Law School. In addition to being provided with a room and meal plan, there are substantial salary and benefit perks that come with this potion. You can read the assistant rector position description, as well as learn about the salary and benefits and the hiring process online. (Right now, the AR application process is closed, but the site can provide good background information for the future.)

We encourage you to continue to explore and review your housing options on the Admitted Student Website, through the Insider’s Guide, and on the Class of 2019 Facebook page.