Honduras: Coup d’état in Constitutional Clothing?

Author: Dan Manier


By invitation of the American Society of International Law, Professor Doug Cassel has published an ASIL Insight entitled, Honduras: Coup d’état in Constitutional Clothing?

Professor Cassel’s commentary examines the purported constitutional justifications for the recent ousting of President Manuel Zelaya by the Honduran Congress and military. He concludes that there was no legal basis for this coup d’état, which has been condemned by the United States, the United Nations, the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. He cautions that if allowed to stand, “it will become a menacing precedent for democracy, not only in Honduras, but throughout the hemisphere.”

The ASIL describes its Insights as the “international law behind the headlines.” They are published on the ASIL web site and widely distributed. They “provide brief, balanced accounts of the international law issues raised by newsworthy late-breaking events,” and are designed to inform policy makers, journalists and the public.

Professor Cassel is a former member of the ASIL Executive Council.

Read the text of the Insight. English version Spanish version