Heinonline Update

Author: Susan Good

HeinOnline, has surpassed their milestone of 50 million pages of legal research material! They have introduced a number of new library modules, added enhancements, introduced new training opportunities, and released some notable news stories regarding Hein and HeinOnline. Below is a recap of everything accomplished in 2009.

New Library Modules

New Content Added to Existing Collections

  • World Trials Library – more than 700 new titles
  • Legal Classics – more than 120 new titles including the following notable titles: International Legislation, A Collection of the Texts of Multipartite International Instruments of General Interest edited by Manley O. Hudson; The Nature of Judicial Proof: An Inquiry into the Logical, Legal and Empirical Aspects of the Law of Evidence written by Jerome Michael and Mortimer J. Adler; Treatise on the Law and Practice of Receivers by Ralph Ewing Clark; and Civil Law of Spain and Mexico by Gustavus Schmidt.
  • Law Journal Library – In April 2009, we surpassed 20 million pages of content in the Law Journal Library. 118 new titles were added including the following notable titles: University of Western Australia Law Review; Waikato Law Review, Insurance Law Journal, Law Practice, The Journal of Psychiatry and Law, Merkourios – Utrecht Journal of International and European Law, Clearinghouse Review, Antitrust Bulletin, SEC Docket, James Cook University Law Review, Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law, and Air and Space Lawyer.
  • Code of Federal Regulations – In June 2009 we completed the entire backfile of the CFR, therefore making every title of every year from inception available! This was one of the most sought-after collection development items over the past few years, and we are excited to have made this happen for you!
  • Digital Session Laws – The Acts of Parliament of Canada, the Acts of Parliament of Australia, and the state session laws of Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania are available back to inception. The coverage of session laws for all other U.S. States has been taken back to 1990.
  • Federal Register is now being updated daily!
  • U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions and Appeals – more than 42 new titles including these notable titles: Civil Aeronautics Board Reports, Treasury Decisions (1899-1966), OSAHRC Reports (1971-1975), Decisions of the Federal Labor Relations Authority, Federal Anti-trust Decisions (1890-1931), Decisions of the United States Railroad Labor Board (1920-1925), and more than 30 GPO Best Sellers!
  • Added more than 75 new full-text legislative histories to the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library.
  • Added more than 485 KAVs and 240 TIAS documents to the Treaties and Agreements Library.

Enhancements & New Features
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